Shipping and delivery

Our delivery times & conditions for South African orders.
  • You can expect delivery within 5 - 10 working days of placing your order.
  • If you live in the areas such as Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs etc, your order should be delivered within 48 hours once shipped.
  • If you live in an outlying area, your order can take from 72 hours to a week to be delivered.

Delivery Location

If the customer opted for delivery, they would need to enter a valid delivery location.


Delivery Period

An ideal time for customers to await their products can vary; standard delivery 5-10 working days or they can collect directly from headquarters between 9:00 am – 17:00 pm. 


Packaging & Delivery

As soon as we receive and approve the customer’s order, our warehouse team will need to head to the storage warehouse and package the item in our branded packaging (Eco-Friendly) and thereafter arrange delivery with an available courier service or driver to deliver the item to the customers location they selected on our website. (As soon as items arrive or leave, a record of stock needs to be updated)


Delivery Day

As soon as a customer’s order leaves our warehouse for delivery a notification will need to be communicated to the customer.


Returns & Exchanges

Customers will have within 30 days of purchase to return any item if they find any damages to the product or if they received any incorrect products. The items will need to be replaced or refunded accordingly. (Masks, T-Shirts might not be replaced if worn for hygiene purposes?)



It will be important to communicate any promotions on our goods to our customers in writing from time to time